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Pastured NON-GMO Protein

Boneyard Pork

Our pastured pigs are fed non-GMO grain and moved frequently to new areas, where they have free access to fresh water, healthy pasture, and occasional garden castoffs. We have pregnant mixed-breed sows who supply us with healthy young piglets. We greatly enjoy raising pork sustainably and humanely, and we think you’ll be able to taste the difference!

If you’d like to try our pork, we sell retail cuts at our self-serve farmstand during the summer months (June-Oct) and we are vendors at the Jericho Farmers Market. We sometimes offer opportunities for home delivery during the winter, and we often have 25-pound “sampler” boxes available.

Boneyard Farm Pork

Boneyard Chickens

We raise our birds thoughtfully from the day they are hatched until the day they are processed for your table or freezer. Not all chicken is created equal! Our non-GMO Cornish Cross broilers have a good life on sunny pasture scrambling around for green grass and protein-filled bugs while enjoying fresh water, ample shade and protection from the elements. We began raising chickens almost a decade ago because we like filling our own bellies and freezer with delicious meat. Processed right on our farm, each chicken provides 4-6 lbs of succulent, versatile meat we’re sure you’ll love.

We process our chickens in an open-air mobile setup we designed and built. Each bird is handled calmly, dispatched humanely, and chilled before freezing. Broilers are available as whole birds, fresh or frozen.

We also have stew hens available seasonally. These are delicious slow-cooked and/or used for making nutrient-dense, flavorful stock.

Boneyard Farm

Boneyard Eggs


Our hens have year-round access to the outdoors, and are fed non-GMO grain from Green Mountain Feed. Their rich yolks have health benefits and high flavor, and are a local favorite. In the winter, you can find our eggs for sale at The Farm Store in Jeffersonville or on breakfast sandwiches at Two Sons Bakehouse on the mountain road. We also offer eggs for sale directly at our farmstand or at the Jericho Farmers Market in the summer months.